The Silver American Eagle is a Nice Investment

Just the same as the Gold American Eagle, the Silver American Eagle is a great coin to add to your collection. Over the centuries, silver coins have been circulating the economy, and have come far and wide. With the American Eagle, you can own silver as well as collectible at the same time; what could be better than that?

The first appearance of the Silver American Eagle coins was in 1986, which is one year after the United States Congress gave leeway for the production of this types of coins. It is the only silver bullion that contains an investment grade. That is why it an excellent investment for anyone that is interested.To get more info, click american currency coins.  A lot of indiviudals are not even aware that the Silver American Eagle is the only coin allowed to be included in the IRA. What are the contents of the Silver Eagle? It has one troy ounce of pure silver and a diameter of 40.6mm. Other than this, the thickness is 2.98mm. Considering these components and measurements, it is one of the coins created with great craftsmanship which other coins can barely compete.

The silver Eagle was first created from the nation's defense silver stockpile with an interest of cutting down on the national deficit. This borrowed from a previous idea in 1983 whereby it was decided for the silver stockpile to be sold but was later rejected. This was until the silver was converted to coin hence the emergence of the Silver American Eagle. Discover more about  American Eagle Silver Dollars. Similar to any currency design, much thought goes into the final design, and all components present on it have a significant meaning. Nothing on a currency is there by chance; they are created with a lot of mastery and attention to detail. The coin's design was created from the popular "walking liberty" that was previously minted in 1916. On the coin's opposite side, there's the eagle with its wings open with a shield protecting its body. On the Eagle's head, thirteen stars represent the thirteen original colonies that created the United States. 

The first Silver American Eagle coin was minted San Francisco among other two minting points - Philadelphia and West Point. Similar to the Gold Eagle, the Silver Eagle is distributed to buyers via a similar procedure like precious metal is delivered to wholesalers. Such buyers pay $2.00 per coin above the average market value but with a minimum order. All these coins possess a legal tender of $1.00.