American Silver Eagle Coins 

Majority of populaces are now using or having an American silver eagle especially those that needs to settle an argument or a decision through the heads and tails methodology. It is the official silver bullion coin used in the US. It had a face value of $1. The American silver eagle coin weighs 31.103 grams and has a diameter of 1.598 inches. The thickness for the silver eagle coin is 0.1173 inches and was first designed in the year 1986.  On the design, there are thirteen stars and an eagle with a shield. Generally, the eagle on the design is heraldic and the stars are five-pointed. The coin was designer for the coin was John Mercanti in the year 1986. 
After John Mercanti designed the American silver eagle coin in 1986, it was released to the populaces on the 24th of November the same year. The coin is made of 99% pure silver and it also contains a one troy ounce. Basically, the above mentioned weight, size and purity was authorized and certified by the US Mint. To get more info, click us silver dollar. There are three types of Mints for these silver coins and these are the Philadelphia Mint, the West Point Mint and the San Francisco Mint. 

American silver eagles design is unique and was influenced by the design of the walking liberty design. Walking liberty design was used by the Americans since its design in 1916 by Adolph A. Weinman. It was mainly used as a half dollar coin. John Mercanti was influenced by the craftsmanship and the uniqueness of the walking liberty design which helped him develop a design that is timeless. Get more info on  American Eagle Silver Dollars.  The eagle featured on the design grips an olive branch with its right claw and holds arrows using the left talons. This portrays the "great seal of the united states". The coin has thirteen stars that are five-pointed and all these stars tend to represent all the thirteen colonies. 

Since the 24th of November in the year when the coin or the American silver eagle coin was designed, its sales begun or were initiated. There was an increased demand as many people wanted to share in the heritage and the coins initial inventory sold out with a speed of excellence. Following the increased demand for the coin, the US established a contract with Grey Advertising which helped market and publicize the silver eagle bullion coins both within the United States and internationally. The coin had a value of $1 but nowadays, it has really increased and it's a huge investment. 

There is an increased demand of the American silver eagle bullion coin both within the boarders of the United States and beyond its boarders. There are those authorized purchasers who have a minimum purchasing figure of 25,000 coins and they tend to package them to retailers and then to the general populaces.